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New IT graduates for business analytics


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A small IT services company based in Barcelona is recruiting new graduates who are interested in a long term career as programmers, analysts, architects and consultants in the data operation, data integration, data replication, and data governance areas. Our services offerings include all the life cycle steps of building a data centric solution, from the architecture design based and its development to its operation and maintenance. We offer our services and solutions mainly remotely and occasionally on-site to clients across all Europe.

These are the responsibilities:

Have a good understanding of the software platforms required to perform our delivery from a administration and operation point of view.
Gain experience in the design and development of data centric processes within the required software platforms and tooling.
Learn and pass certifications exams to get accredited as an expert in the development and operation of such software platforms.
Communicate clearly and effectively with the project team, including project leaders and customers.
Deliver services professionally and accordingly to the agreed customer requirements. The services could include the following activities:

- Software installation, patching and configuration.
- Version upgrades and migrations.
- Performance tuning.
- Health checks.
- Gather customer functional requirements and design solution.
- Solution building and Processes development.
- Data test preparation and testing of developments.
- Processes promotion.
- Operation and administration of software platforms.
- Report and follow up cases with support.
- Run workshops and training sessions.
- Preparation and documentation of project deliverables (architectures, solution design, best practices and methodologies, etc), proposals, questionnaires, customer reports, and materials for communication and publication purposes.

Requisits :

Required qualifications and skills:

- Degree in computer science, engineering or mathematics.
- Early graduates or finalizing PFC. No previous job experience is required.

Good knowledge and technical skills in the following areas:

- Relational databases.
- SQL language.
- Scripting in UNIX/LINUX platforms.

Excellent collaboration and team working skills.
Ability to work independently and to be proactive is expected.
Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written in English, Catalan and Spanish.

Observacions :

We offer:

- Full-time position (40 hours / week) under permanent contract (professional/contribution) with a 3-month probationary period. Flexible work schedule.
- Annual gross salary without bonus around €21,000.
- Professional development based on an intensive internal training program on the tooling and software platform, methodology and best practices before engaging in our clients. In that way we ensure that our people has the necessary level of expertise to deliver successfully the services.
- Immediate hiring. The on-boarding process should be completed during February.
- IT equipment will be facilitated upon need in full alignment with recommendations from health authorities in response to C-19 pandemic situation.

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Alfonso Garcia Palacios, Senior Technical Consultant, IBM Analytics Platform



Adreça : Carrer Pi i Margall, 97-99

Telèfon : 619 426 339

Població : Barcelona

Correu electrònic :

Persona de contacte : Alfonso Garcia Palacios

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